This is a flex neck shower head.  It is low flow with high pressure, so it will make the most of the water in your Road Shower tank.   Flow can be managed at the shower head, but an on/off elbow is required to turn the water off completely.  This is nice if it is inside of a privacy enclosure.

Shower with head and neck is 19″ long.

It comes with a quick connect so you can quickly attach or remove it from the on/off elbow.

The switch at the end of the shower head reduces flow but doesn’t turn the water completely off as a preventative measure to prevent scalding. It will run a little.  The on/off elbow that comes with the Road Shower 4, and also sold in our spare parts store, could be used to turn the water on and off completely.  The switch is designed as a water saving measure while out camping, so that you can switch the water off while lathering soap or shampoo, then switch it back on for rinsing.  This is especially useful if you are inside a shower tent.  When the shower is over, turn the water off completely using the black handle on the elbow.  Use the black handle to adjust pressure during the shower.  Dial it back to save water and to get longer run times.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in


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